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3 Days of Food… 5 Feet of Snow

NBC News had a really interesting segment last night about the recent blizzard in & around Buffalo that quickly dumped over five feet of snow in some locations.  The whole segment is interesting, but I think particularly interesting is the part that starts at about 2:55 into the clip – the couple with the baby…  Check the video out here.

They planned for 3-4 days at most, and now they’re out of food…   So, they knew the storm was coming, apparently had less than four days of food on hand, went out beforehand and got up to 3-4 days worth, and now since it’s worse than that, they’re in trouble. With a baby!

If this isn’t a perfect example for why it’s important to have some food on hand, I don’t know what is.  This isn’t NatGeo being prepared paranoia – here’s a real life story. Put another way, isn’t some part of your capital reserves safer kept in your pantry in physical form rather than in a bank in digital form, where it does you no good if you can’t get to the bank/store or if the power is out? “Food” for thought.